Kuwait Airways loves to live in denial it seems.

The airline whose technology and customer amenities are stuck in a 1982 time-warp returns with a vengeance! Yes, my friends, the airline that breaks down in midair and has to return to its point of origin; the airline whose own employees will admit to you has a ‘terrible maintenance and servicing record’; the airline that bumps confirmed passengers off a route in order to add VIPs or ‘friends’ of the staff; the airline that has been losing tens of millions of KD a year for decades and needs annual financial infusions from Parliament to keep it alive; yes, that airline.


Apparently it participated in some two-bit competition and won first prize (were the judges drunk?). Examine the advert above (courtesy of Story Of Kuwait and 2:48AM).

Who were the runner-ups? Tanzanian Express? Madagascar Airways? O’Reilly’s Flying Leprechaun?

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