The Middle East Peace Process is dead in the water.

Lebanon has lost another anti-Syrian advocate and is one death away from the government collapsing and potential civil war.

Iran continues to pursue its nuclear ambitions, threatening its own population – as well as those of its neighbors – with environmental catastrophe.

Iraq is in a vicious circle of tragic violence and is on the brink of civil war.

Kuwait is wedged between two troubled nations: our government unable to push its agenda through; public protests are on the increase on Kuwaiti streets (i.e. the bedoun issue, the loans issue); sooner than expected falling oil prices; rumors of Constitutional amendments; Sectarian divisions being exploited by demagogues vise a vise the ‘Zakat Law’; Minister ‘Quizzes’ are around the corner; the populace is caught between growing resentment towards the government’s ‘check book diplomacy’ and the manipulation of the stock market by a few entities intent on dragging the whole sector down – and hurting the Kuwaiti investor – through their ‘scorched earth’ policy.

We are living in dangerous times, my friends. Whatever we are all doing: the government, the private sector, the people…It’s not working. And it reminds me of the latter part of the 1980s just before we got invaded by Iraq.

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