The new license plates are obviously mierda.


Photograph from Mark’s Blog.

Is that the best our prison convicts and wardens could produce (I’m assuming our prison inmates make license plates, if they don’t then I’ve obviously spent too much time living abroad – but let’s assume they don’t, then maybe they should)? But seriously, if you are going to produce a decent license plate you need several elements (in my humble opinion):

1. A local or geographic fixture (i.e. The Kuwait Towers – if that is unacceptable a drawing of a Hubbly-Bubbly will suffice; if that is unacceptable then a picture of a dead horse).

2. Decent Font (and it would help to have the English word: “Kuwait” in BOLD as well) and a tag line as well, you know how Florida has “Sunshine State,” maybe we should have something like “Land of Broken Promises” or “Go With The Flow” under Kuwait.

3. One set of numbers – easier to remember so we can report that turd in the Hummer who almost ran over the senior citizen exiting Marina Crescent’s Johnny Rockets.

As horrendous as the new license plates are, they are a tad better than these:


Kuwait-Iraq Occupation License

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