A bold initiative published in the local papers (“Kuwait To Grant Three Month Visit Visas“) was steamrolled by a smorgasbord of negative news this week, including the elimination of a clause requiring a foreign partner in helping establish the Third Telecom company (no BT, Etisalat or Verizon partner anytime soon); plans to scrap high school sex education curriculum (to be replaced with traffic courses!); potential plans for dozens of more roundabouts all over Kuwait (“to lessen accidents”, say the Traffic Czars – merde, I can barely deal with the Sheraton roundabout); tentative legislation disallowing foreigners from the right to invest in the stock market and real estate; the Ministry of Education’s continued resolve to push for the “Kuwaitization” of all private schools (thus dumbing them down to the level of government ones).

Oh, and Rush Hour 3 got thirty minutes chopped off at your local theatre. So basically you’re shelling out 2.500 KD to view a 1 hour film (no wonder piracy – including torrent downloads – are popular in Kuwait). Way to go people!

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