One of the most strikingly beautiful mosques in Kuwait is the Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar mosque, located in a prominent Surra roundabout (opposite the Co-Op area). The highlights of the mosque, apart from its grandiose interior, are the intricate ceramic Islamic caligraphy on the walls as well the stately chandeliers.

The ‘Al-Qiyam’ prayers begin at 11:45 pm, ending at 1:15 am, so they are perfect for employees who need to rise early.

al bahar 638 am.JPG

Al-Bahar Mosque, Surra, Sunday, 7.10.07, 6:35 am

night exterior al bahar.JPG

Following ‘Al-Qiyam’ Prayers, Al-Bahar Mosque, Surra, Sunday, 7.10.07, 1:28am

al bahar qiyam.JPG

al bahar middle chandelier.JPG

al bahar middle podium.JPG

al bahar caligraphy.JPG

al bahar chandelier.JPG

al bahar interior.JPG

al bahar lights.JPG

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