David Niven and ‘The Streaker.’

Mohammad Hayef Al-Mutairi, former MP, self-appointed ‘defender of public morality and public property’, a man who makes the Spanish Inquisition’s Tomás de Torquemada look like a member of the ‘Vienna Boys’ Choir,’ is at it again. Apparently his Parliamentary skills (or lack thereof) seem to revolve around a ‘weekly ‘insert item’ lambasting’ technique. One week it’s diwaniyas, another it’s public funds, followed by how the act of female officers saluting is ‘haram‘ and so forth. Now all of this would be fine and dandy if it were just hot air, but when he does it, governments collapse.

This week Hayef’s hang-up involves a naked man on KTV3. According to the ‘Arab Times’:

“Urging the ministry to immediately open an investigation on the issue, Al-Mutairi asked about the role of the committee tasked to edit shows before airing them. He also inquired about the procedures taken to identify those who committed the mistake and prevent its recurrence in the future.According to the source, Kuwait TV Channel 3, on Tuesday evening showed a completely naked man – one of the participants in a European Ski Tournament. Al-Mutairi pointed out there is no room for indecent images in a conservative country like Kuwait. “We prohibit the publication of immoral photographs or showing of pornographic films in the country, how much more the airing of a naked man in television,” he asserted.

First of all, the former MP’s biggest mistake was promoting KTV – is there anyone in their right mind who still watches it? And when I say ‘right mind’ I mean people who don’t think ‘Moby Dick’ is a venereal disease or who think Charlton Heston kissing a female ape is heretical.

Sometimes you just gotta let things go. We need more David Nivens in Kuwait and less Hayefs.

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