According to Al-Watan Newspaper the official inauguration of Jaber Stadium has been knocked back a year and a half:

“The official inauguration of the Jaber Stadium is expected to be delayed by about a year and a half; official sources said. The Public Authority for Youth and Sports argued that the delay in signing tenders for equipping the stadium is attributed to insufficient storage facilities. Some observers have however slammed such an excuse as ”feeble,” considering the fact that the Audit Bureau had already endorsed the tenders. They pointed out to the fact that the authority could have rented storage facilities to store the equipment instead. Earlier on, the opening of the stadium was delayed on the excuse that it lacked local toilets.”

We heard horror stories about this project: last minute modifications, lack of elevators for the Emiri VIP section (added later on), not enough parking spaces and so forth (I’d really like to see 65,000 Kuwaitis carpool their way there – cause let’s be honest 6,500 parking spots ain’t gonna cut the mustard in Kuwait).

Why don’t the different bodies in Kuwait (Tenders Committee, Municipality, Authority for Youth and Sports ETC) get together at the initial stages and then agree on the terms, conditions and specs of the project before it is built?

No, wait a minute – If they did that contractors wouldn’t be able to make more dough from ‘variations.

I am beginning to think anything with the name ‘Jaber’ in it (Jaber Hospital, Jaber Airport, Jaber Bridge etc) is cursed.

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