(تصوير: خليل البوريني – Al-Qabas)

The Kuwaiti ‘political street’ seems to indicate that current MPs such as Rajah Al-Hujailan, Khalid Al-Sultan, Abdulla Al-Roumi, Abdelwahid al-Awadhi, Nasser Al-Sane and Jaber Al-Mohailbi might not run for re-election. A few of these individuals cannot run due to a combination of negative public feedback stemming from their actions (verbal or otherwise) and gossip concerning their business ventures – running would leave them vulnerable to further personal attacks.

Jassim Al-Khorafi stated a while back that he would not run again, but I think that is still up in the air. When he gets that phone call he will run.

Ahmed Al-Sadoun will run again in the 3rd District.

There are reports that Khalid Al-Khalid might run in the 2nd District as opposed to the 3rd (where he had difficulty gaining electoral support).

Aseel Al-Awadhi is still mulling whether to run, but since she almost dislodged Nasser Al-Sane from the 10th position in the 3rd District, she should run, and stands an excellent chance of winning (even without her ‘National Democratic Alliance’ group).

Saleh Al-Mulla (3rd District) will run again.

There is a strong possibility that veterans Mishari Al-Anjari and Talal Al-Ayyar run again.

There are conflicting reports about Ali Al-Rashed, some stating he won’t run, others that he will.

Ahmed Al-Mulaifi might switch from the 3rd District to the 1st District.

These are preliminary reports and subject to change.

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