I have been tweeting more than I have been blogging. I apologize, but tweeting on Twitter is so much easier especially from a mobile device, both in reading other peoples tweets and writing your own. I write random things that I see, thoughts that I have, respond to my tweet friends and update them on where I am in this world – all in 140 letters or less.

Recently celebrities have had the media focus on twitter, first Ashton Kutcher was on a head to head race with CNN by being the first to amass the millionth follower. Ashton won if you did not know. A few days later, Oprah joined twitter and tweeted her first tweet from her show, she quickly got told off by Shaquille O’Neal telling her that her caps where on, which is considered similar to shouting and bad Internet etiquette.

A lot of people joined and tweeted on twitter after that.

Today, I got informed by twitter that Aseel09 is following me on twitter.

Knowing that it is the Candidate Aseel Al Awadhi, I followed her back. Unfortunately, Aseel’s tweets were more like announcements of her media and campaigning activities. They don’t even look like she is the one posting her tweets. I have some advice for Aseel or any celeb whether, local or international, big or small, on how to behave on twitter:

1) If you join Twitter, first be sure that your mobile device supports it and tweet constantly from there. It is more convenient in real time for all your followers.

2) Tweet yourself, don’t let anyone tweet for you. The whole beauty of twitter is that it’s personalized, and not a tedious announcement of some event.

3) Be human, tell us your activities, spur of the momen thoughts and comments – don’t misuse it as a Public Relations form of spin.

4) Be funny, show us your humor.

5) Be interesting, tell us the story about what is happening to you, with one tweet after other.

6) Comment and reply to your followers or anyone else you may have an opinion about.

7) Using Twitter as a platform for announcements is the wrong way to tweet.

If you want to see an interesting and captivating twitterer you can check out my own tweets. (Apologies for the self promotion).

I hope Aseel listens to my advice, and if she does, she will win my vote and others.

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