Summer in Kuwait – Somewhere Off Abu Halifa

With the short rainy season behind us and the shorter spring almost over, we look forward with much trepidation to summer time here in Kuwait with its usual super heat and mugginess. Although if you have arrived in Kuwait in winter, you would think the cold so severe it would last forever (you probably rushed like everyone else to purchase some new electrical portable heaters).

We had a nasty cold snap last year too, the market ran out of portable heaters, people travelled to their chalets or farms to get heaters and bring them home – we also heard of people travelling to Saudi Arabia to purchase oil heaters (a very popular item in Kuwait – since many people here even with central air-conditioning abhor central heating because they wake up suffering from throat dryness, headaches and fall ill).

Surprisingly, we learnt the Saudis themselves came to Kuwait to look for the same type of heaters because they ran out as well.

As for myself, I ended up scavenging the heater from the driver’s room since he was away on his leave, lucky devil.

Of course the big hot summer will be upon us in no time and we will miss the cold, its memory long gone; we will start complaining about how stifling the heat is, and questioning what the heck we are all doing here when everyone is drifting to a cooler climate.

The big deal this summer is the decision by the Ministry of Education to delay the start of the school year to coincide with the end of the holy month of Ramadan, adding more inanity to our educational system. Indeed, many have seized this opportunity and are planning to spend the month of August and first half of September outside Kuwait, like they used to do many moons ago when Ramadan was during the summer season (tickets to Lebanon a favorite destination for a lot of the locals are already sold out for that period).

It would be funny as hell if the Lebanese expatriate community remained in Kuwait (because airline tickets are sold out) while the Kuwaitis travel to Lebanon for the summer.

We only hope that the protagonists in Lebanon remain calm and the Israelis don’t start another war to ruin the tourist season there.

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