A Mosque In Downtown Kuwait

As radical as it may sound, the above title is absolutely true of all Democracies!

It is by no means contradictory to Islamic Sharia, far from it – It actually protects Islam and Sharia and all religions from misuse and misinterpretation, if only the opponents read wisely.

With all the factions coming up in Kuwaiti Politics these days – with each considering the other blasphemous – the political waters become murky to the electorate with regards to the choices they make.

If one considers that voting for HADAS or the Salafists, for example, would initiate the reshaping of the government into an Islamic one, the same would be true for the Shiite groups, the Liberals, the Tribalists, and so on.

To counter this fear – while providing equality to the entire population – the Kuwaiti Government needs to be reshaped Kuwait into a Secular State. Within this state, Religion is protected, in all its various forms and definitions, while the Rule of Law keeps it in check, so that no one religion or belief can demolish or defame the other. At the same time, the Government held accountable by each religious group so that no particular favoritism is given to any one group with regards to rights and obligations to the State and its Head.

This, in essence, is the very definition of a true Democracy. Anything else is a workaround. By that I mean, a twisting of the facts in order to address the development of a particular agenda that may or may not be productive to the society at large.

An ‘Islamic Democracy’ means the implementation of Sharia Law onto everyone, referenced by the power monger’s own interpretation of this Law, be it Wahaabist, Taliban, Hadas or Hezbolla.

A ‘Tribalist Democracy’ means the ‘Bani-Somethings’ exert their will and influence onto all those that are not of their tribe.

A ‘Liberal Democracy ‘means the right to throw wild Animal House style parties at college (to some, at least!) without concern for the more moderate of our society, and so on…

But the biggest threat of all, the one we are surely to face if these latest elections results don’t provide the needed results, is an Authoritarian Government, where the individual’s rights and obligations are subject to the whims of the ‘Ruling Elite’, unabated, unobstructed and unchallenged.

Here is where the line was drawn back in 1961/62, when Kuwaiti society decided to implement a constitution that would protect them and their generations from this type of rule. Here we are, 47 years later, deciding on what type of government to represent the people.

In my blog, I posted many entries about how to select and decide upon the right candidate for the job, and I’m reinforcing this point again here: By choosing wisely, all these political groups and their agenda’s will be limited it, but if they come into power, they will modify the government’s ‘modus operandi’ so that it becomes more ‘user friendly’ to their agenda, therefore, we the people will be at their ideological mercy.

In short, Kuwait should be a Secular State in order for all ideologies be absorbed and protected for their individual followers. Everyone has a right to think and say what he or she likes, as long as these actions to not infringe upon the rights and freedoms of others. Everyone should also have a right to be protected from corruption, as long as this protection is not extorted into a new form of corruption.

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