Rent-A-Blogger – Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love ‘The Blog’


“Look I am a Blogger! Here’s proof – a picture of my sandwich!”

Somehow, Amer the owner of this blog is convinced that I can put together a useful post which will be hosted here. The gentleman has left it open to what topic I would like to address, which is kind of him and very Democratic.

I tried to dodge the issue of blogging for sometime now and protested that I only type with two fingers, which is rather silly of anyone to comment on their fingers because even with a single finger you may cause a lot of mayhem – as witnessed many times over in fights caused by the simple gesture of pointing. This discussion whether to blog or not took place on the pages of Intlxpatr’s blog – She is one kind lady who also posts on this ‘Diwaniya’.

I had to think of how to get out of this fix rather quickly, lucky for me we were commenting on a post concerning abused ‘poor guest workers’ here in Kuwait (You always have to say ‘poor guest workers’ otherwise you don’t sound liberal or kind hearted enough, although the ‘poor guest worker’ was a party to the corruption to begin with when he/she paid bribes to come over).

So quickly I hit upon a scheme that will save me from this troublesome task. It is very simple; I will just have to hire a poor foreign laborer who can do the blogging for me.

When you think about it, it really does make sense. The poor soul will earn extra dinars for his services, the job offers flexible hours so the hired hand can blog from his office during working time, which means he takes revenge on his employers while he lines his own pockets. The Rent-A-Blogger idea also unleashes the talents that we were promised here in Kuwait when we hired the guest workers to begin with but have not yet discovered hidden talents – a quick proof of that is how many million of Expats came to Kuwait or the Gulf area and wrote a worthwhile book that made it on any best seller list anywhere in the past 10 years – or lets make it easier in the 20 – 30 years? Answer is none!.

Another compelling reason for hiring a surrogate blogger that’s it doesn’t conflict with a tradition long established in the local printed media, used by talentless hacks who want to be famous by hiring ghost writers to write up some hefty articles in their name; this is quite popular with some ladies who want to be looked upon as ‘poets’ or ‘novelists’.

Although the Rent-A-Blogger will be instructed not to write anything relating to politics, sex or religion, should anything go wrong with the blog, then simply I will dump everything on the head of the poor sod and hopefully get away with it.

Now if you think what I said is horrible then I am afraid I have more bad news for you: surrogate or ghost laborers have extended their services to the ‘local Art scene’, many so-called painters are hiring them to do paintings for them, not one or two paintings but a whole exhibition. I have this bit of information from a local starving artist who is living now on cigarettes and pistachios only.

11 thoughts on “Rent-A-Blogger – Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love ‘The Blog’

  1. “Rent-A-Blogger will be instructed not to write anything relating to politics, sex or religion”
    LLLOOLLLL, Daggero, that leaves only sunrises, food, photography, travel, and fashion, oh yeh, and gaming! Good luck with that!

  2. Dear Daggero,
    Im very impressed by your skills and what you had to say. mashallah, mashallah. Please do continue with your amazing work.

  3. Don Veto ; be my guest , how much are you willing to pay
    Intlxpatr ; Luck , i need that
    Um_Alzain ;Thanks for the kind words
    Hilaliya`: Lets see if i can write another post
    Nikon8 : , Thanks it started with sandwich and let see where it goes

  4. Here are a few topics that I thing will ‘inspire’ you Daggero:
    1. Barbeques and litter at public beaches in Kuwait.
    2. KTV News.
    3. Censorship in Kuwait cinemas.
    4. Kuwait’s obsession with lattes and sushi.
    5. Bureacracy at government institutions.
    Oh and Intlxpatr said something about Mahboula…
    Now weave your magic.

  5. Amusing post, Daggero 🙂
    I am disappointed to hear that about the local art scene though.
    What you said is a serious allegation!

  6. Jewaira ;
    Thanks for checking the post ,
    i was told that bit of information , and the clue is the number of the brush strokes and style which is considered like the signature of each artist , Once you see variations then it shows that the piece is done by some one else .

  7. Jewaira should join the Diwaniya, she’s a blog original.
    Daggero, I read and edited your piece, it should be up soon.

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