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Pre-Marriage Checkup or ‘No Marriage’


The new marriage law providing for pre-marriage checkup will be in force on Sunday, August 2, 2009, Assistant Undersecretary of Kuwaiti Ministry of Health for Medical Services, Dr. Yousuf Al-Nesf announced Wednesday.


“The aim of the legislation is to ensure a healthy and happy family and eradicate the hereditary and communicable diseases in Kuwait”, said Dr. Yousef Al-Nesf during the announcement.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Al-Hamoud, supervisor of family affairs at the Justice Ministry, said if the results of the lab tests proved that the would-be marriage is unsafe due to the illness of one or both of the partners, the marriage contract would be cancelled.

“A marriage officer is authorized to solemnize a marriage only after receiving a certificate that verifies that the couple conducted a checkup and were physically fit,” Al-Hamoud reminded.

The survival of the fittest or is it catalyzing the process of being the fittest ?

Do we need to accelerate the nature’s process by adopting such rules?

Are we morally justified ?