It’s Over, I Voted

Voting in the afternoon was smooth and dandy. No waiting, no hassles (although they wouldn’t let a young man ahead of me vote because he was wearing “short pants” according to the Judge – I’m not joking…)

It’s a good feeling seeing women vote for the first time in Kuwait, knowing you have democratic rights and a strong constitution to back those rights; and knowing your input – however limited – might help make political history.

6 thoughts on “It’s Over, I Voted

  1. when will the campaign signs be gone…i cant wait for that, they are far too big, redundant every centimeter and blinding to look at….but congratulations on voting..i hope everything turns out for the better for our country kuwait :)..inshallah

  2. Battlefield: Welcome to the Blog. Thx for the kind words.
    DR. T: You are too damn observant for your own good – but it’s not an SUV.

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