Happy Birthday America

During my years as a diplomat in Washington D.C., I presented dozens of briefings and lectures on the Kuwaiti-American bilateral relationship to a wide demographic of American citizens (‘think-thank’ analysts, lobbyists, students, military personnel) and a guaranteed effective icebreaker would be the following statement:
“Following the invasion of Kuwait, your Embassy – situated on our Gulf Road – was probably your only one in the world with pro-American graffiti on the walls.”
Behind the humor was a heartfelt statement symbolizing the gratitude and affection Kuwaitis held and – still hold – for the United States due to its liberation of Kuwait and continued support of peace and stability in the region.
I think the following quote by Italian Director Sergio Leone best sums up how we all feel about America:
“America is really the property of the world, and not only of the Americans, who, among other things, have the habit of diluting the wine of their mythical ideas with the water of the American Way of Life. America was something dreamed by philosophers, vagabonds and the wretched of the earth before it was discovered by Spanish ships and populated by colonies of the world.”
Today is the United States’ birthday, its day of independence. Kuwaitis salute your people and wish them peace, happiness and prosperity.

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