Aqua Fina

Can Someone Fill These Up, Please? (Photograph by Mark)
I live in a residential area within the city. There is no water.
This is the third time this summer that I have had to call a water truck to pass by the house.
The “planning” in this country is appalling. What use were all the ministries (planning, interior), “supreme councils,” census bureaus ad infinitum if they could not predict years ago that – based on our growing population – we would have a water crisis? And if they did come across such a piece of information, why didn’t they act on it.
The last five years have been very good to us. An oil windfall. We are fat with cash and still basic services (water, mail, phones etc) are lacking. It is the government’s responsibility to effectively use resources to provide its citizens basic goods and services, not Parliament’s.
The Kuwaiti government desires to implement Income Tax in Kuwait? A government that cannot even allocate basic services such as water, electricity and an efficient postal system?
You’ve got to be kidding me.
The powers that be will spend more time fighting over who or what company gets what cut than actually implementing anything.

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