‘Kuwait Airways’ Wins First Prize – Another State Institution In Denial

Kuwait Airways loves to live in denial it seems.

The airline whose technology and customer amenities are stuck in a 1982 time-warp returns with a vengeance! Yes, my friends, the airline that breaks down in midair and has to return to its point of origin; the airline whose own employees will admit to you has a ‘terrible maintenance and servicing record’; the airline that bumps confirmed passengers off a route in order to add VIPs or ‘friends’ of the staff; the airline that has been losing tens of millions of KD a year for decades and needs annual financial infusions from Parliament to keep it alive; yes, that airline.


Apparently it participated in some two-bit competition and won first prize (were the judges drunk?). Examine the advert above (courtesy of Story Of Kuwait and 2:48AM).

Who were the runner-ups? Tanzanian Express? Madagascar Airways? O’Reilly’s Flying Leprechaun?

5 thoughts on “‘Kuwait Airways’ Wins First Prize – Another State Institution In Denial

  1. haaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaa…
    they are right about one thing though… it is the last prize.

  2. This award is soo stupid and kuwait airways is so dumb to make an advertisement of it. They are not fit to even carry ’emirates’ garbage. or even ‘qatar airways.’

  3. Ok that was one hilarious ad. You’d think they have enough resources to hire a decent marketing/ad team or copyrighters.

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