Times Of India: Living Conditions Hurt Indians In Kuwait

It is sad and shameful when the Times Of India runs a piece condemning living conditions for Indians in Kuwait. The article is indicative of the power some Kuwaiti contracting companies have over the law. (LINK)

An Excerpt:

The protest was held on Monday by Indian, Egyptian and Filipino workers. “We live in inhuman conditions. We live in a desert in an uninhabited area. There are no telephones or modes of transportation. We have to drink polluted water, and the stench here is terrible. Also the place is infested with insects,” said Ashraf, one of the workers at the camp.

The workers are now almost imprisoned in the camp and can’t leave, the report in the Kuwait Times on Tuesday said. According to Ashraf, the municipality shut down the camp six months ago but the contracting company succeeded in reopening it.

6 thoughts on “Times Of India: Living Conditions Hurt Indians In Kuwait

  1. If they dont like it, let them go back to their homes.
    As for the times of India, they should focus on local problems in their own contry, and while at it, let them check out how many indians are living in inhuman conditions in india.
    Those people are a joke.

  2. There are labor and human rights laws here Shadow. We’re a Muslim country, symbolizing compassion. We’re supposed to treat everyone with respect and offer them basic human rights and an ounce of dignity.
    In many cases labor is promised shelter, food and protection before coming to Kuwait and some companies renege on the offers. That is why most headaches plaguing the Ministry of Social Affairs all deal with unpaid salaries and the like – it cuts through all demographics and ethnic groups – blue collar and white collar, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian etc.
    Imagine if you and I went to some foreign country to work, leaving behind family and friends, to make a living (that in itself is a form of stress) and our contract or employment guidelines were not met and we were not paid and could not send money home to our dependents.
    The joke are these companies that abuse labor laws and regulations, always looking for loopholes to avoid basic responsibility to their employees.

  3. We are a muslim country, yes….. but do we respect the law? Do we implement the law?? do the people come from india and etc. understand the law???????
    The answer to all these Q’s: NO NO NO NO
    Dude Give me a break, you wanna trerat those people right go ahead and do it, but to sit and dream or imagine i am living abroad to feed my family, or try to offer them something they wont even appreciate. forget about it.

  4. Its disgusting how the Amir shovels 50million into his pocket every year and refuses to help the little people like these low wage workers.
    God Help Them…

  5. Kuwaitis are animals, they respect nothing, and atrocities committed by Kuwaitis against those who serve them are unspeakable and disgusting. No wonder Iraq invaded us twice; I can’t begin to apprehend what fate God has awaiting us in both worlds. A nation without conscious can only bring on it own destruction.

  6. Jup Kuwaitis (I too am one) are bunch of racist fat slobs filthy apes who whined and cried when the Iraqis kicked our ass 16 years ago, as for u shadow: u r motherfucking son of a bitch go and shove ur fat moms ass u deceitful old fuck

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