PINR: “China’s Policy In The Gulf Region”

An informative, in-depth report by The Power And Interest News Report on the growing, evolving China relationship with the G.C.C. countries. (LINK).

“Whereas Chinese policies are clearly aimed at securing access to oil that is so vital to China’s power hungry and rapidly growing economy, energy is not the only agent that is driving China’s diplomatic offensive. China is also seeking to gain a foothold in a region that increasingly resents the U.S. presence. In doing so, China hopes to gently challenge American control by having greater influence in the region, which would complement and project China’s global ambitions. Beijing has been for a long time what historian John Gittings calls a “status-quo power that often punches below its weight in international politics.” China’s policy toward the G.C.C. is one element in Beijing’s overall goal of addressing this.”

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