Plans To Dismantle Kuwaiti Democracy

From the Arab Times article today:

A study is being done on the possibility of unconstitutionally dissolving the Parliament, suspending the National Assembly for three years and amending Article 4 of the Constitution, say sources.

Safat Square also has an informative article on this issue.
Are the above plans seriously being considered behind the scenes or are they merely public relations saber-rattling by the government aimed at scaring off some MP’s intent on “quizzing” Ministers?

10 thoughts on “Plans To Dismantle Kuwaiti Democracy

  1. I dont think the government is that stupid to do it. With the uproar in interest in the last election, the youth movement, the youth starting to talk politics, and the inclusion of women, dissolving the parliament and as I have read, stopping it for 3 years will be disastrous.
    and how come you change ur template after each post 🙂
    I remember when you first started blogging, I wonder how many times you changed your template? 🙂

  2. Holy Smokes. This seems to be a common thread in several blogs right now. Even before the press reports, the pulse had the buzz . . . .
    First, is it possible/ COULD it happen?
    Second, what are the likely repurcussions?
    Comment – God willing, it is only rumor. It would seem like a step backwards, heartbreaking.

  3. The Emirates does not have a parliament but Kuwait does. Which one would you think is more popular with the youth? Which one has the best developed infrastructure? Same goes for Qatar.
    The truth is that Kuwait’s Parliament does nothing to improve just blocks initiative because no-one dares to take responsibility. If anything it is becoming more conservative and less forward looking.
    Maybe if the Emir took over things would get done. Maybe not…but I doubt it would be much worse.

  4. New world order… New world orderrrr… sigh
    Sheikh Saad lost his position via a coup d’etat blanc with house-arrest under Sheikh Sabah’s orders, because he would have never stood for this.

  5. Zaydoun is spot on, mateys.
    You can’t blame everything on Parliament. As an expatriate who has lived both in Kuwait and currently lives in Dubai I can tell you that Sheik Maktoum has an awesome vision for his country, not just financial development but human resources, training, quality control and maintenance and all the other stuff you guys seem to lack there.
    Maktoum knows what he wants and how to get there. He shows up unannounced at places and if anything is wrong or people are slacking off, he’ll fire the bloody tossers.
    You need to invest in your infrastructure (water, electricities, roads, phones, etc) and *maintain* it and create jobs… real jobs not throw kids at the government where they’ll only get demoralized and increase the bureacracy. You need to let foreign companies come in and set up base so *they* will hire your kids and train them.

  6. I hope they do…… without a parliment for 3 years maybe something other than “KD200 to all nationals” can get passed. lets see a project get completed ( or started).
    But i did enjoy the KD 200/- ;p

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