Will They Ever Invest In Kuwait?

Indonesia eager to draw Kuwaiti investments (KUNA)

Jordanian investment authority to open bureau in Kuwait soon (KUNA)

Egypt targets Kuwaiti investments; Both countries facing common interests (KUNA)

Sudanese Finance Minister visits Kuwait to attract investments

Algeria lures investments from Kuwait (Kuwait Times)

I have no problem with Kuwait – through KIA or other entities – investing in foreign countries.

But as long as others don’t invest here; as long as we are not an attractive investment locale, then we will never truly be a successful state.

9 thoughts on “Will They Ever Invest In Kuwait?

  1. I really dont know what the future holds. Kuwaiti’s invest more overseas rather than investing within their own country and that has to change in order for Kuwait to prosper.
    However, the laws within Kuwait do not make it easy for non-Kuwaiti’s to invest, buy property etc… so again that law will need to be looked at.
    Somehow I think it will take a long time before that happens.

  2. Yes, this should be a matter of concern for the country’s citizens. The Kuwait govt seems to prefer earning an income only through investments in the assets of other countries, rather than using some of its wealth to invest in setting up assets within its own borders. Building national capability (in other words, potentially a national money engine) through the set up of a local manufacturing base or a local service base is imperative, and Kuwait, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be doing either. Not very good preparation for the day its oil runs out!

  3. Ananyah is correct, Kuwait has to invest in itself first before we can expect others nations and nationalities to invest in us.
    The majoritiy of Kuwaities don’t want to work hard; and why should they when you have a government who provides too many social benefits. Its only human nature. Therefore it must start with the gov’t. 1) Changes the laws with more economic reforms. 2) Invest in the school system. Why is there even a market for private schools with a country who has a long regional history of education (not to mention the funds to overfund the educational system). 3)TAXES – without taxes we have no “real” voice in cleaning the government up. (Grilling Sansousi – give me a break) Parliment needs us to set the agenda.
    Sorry for the long rant.
    P.s. i’m sure i have missed some obvious counter points, so please point them out. 😉

  4. As long as Kuwait’s money is invested abroad it means the state is really in charge of the people’s resources not the peoples themselves.
    Kuwait needs to take care of Kuwait first. Every state needs to.

  5. I agree with Ananyah and Solymar, although I think Taxes in Kuwait would be a disaster.
    The laws in q8 must be changed to make it more “attractive” to investor but I think the problem here is many in power who control resources and companies dont want this to happen

  6. I would like to make a comment regarding Kuwait. I sincerely believe that investment in Kuwait is doomed for failure since your immigration system is unfair and extremely prejudice. How do you Kuwaiti people deny residency/citizenship status to those who were born there and who lived there and worked for decades. You are notorious for deporting people for silly reasons and you treat other expatriots in a very humilating manner. I’m basicly talking about people who were born in Kuwait and you deported them in less than 24 hours without due process.You should be ashamed of your selves. How you have guts to ask investors to come to your country. This is really a joke. Fix your self first, your garbage system, honor those people who were born in your country and who were denied basic human rights, then ask investors to come in. sayyed1@hotmail.com

  7. I would like to visit Kuwait–I need to know a few things,,like a place to stay, rent, hotel–cheaper type–what kind of workers are working there?–Thanks

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