The Return

Back from a one week trip (hence the dead blog – apologies to my regulars).

I decided during my trip this time to avoid wireless spots, avoid checking emails (work and personal) and to basically just shut everything out.


I recharged my batteries: watched decent unedited movies in plush, state of the art theatres; enjoyed ethnic food at a multitude of establishments; stocked up on books and DVDs and enjoyed the casual coffee and a good read at places like “Borders.” (I used to take this stuff for granted when I lived in the West).

I arrive in Kuwait and find out we have Bird Flu cases and all hell is breaking loose (It doesn’t surprise me knowing how lax we are and how ‘wasta’ can facilitate the import of practically any type of bird).

I find out the government intends to resign.

I then encounter 350 emails, 85% of which deal with viagra, breast augmentation and enlarging cobblers.

I’m like…what else is new?

5 thoughts on “The Return

  1. Many of us in the US are preparing for the arrival of bird flu, when it can be easily spread human-to-human, which we think will be within a year.
    Can you give us a clearer picture than the mainstream media does of what’s happening w/H5N1 in Kuwait right now? is the forum where we all talk. Some are scientists, some health care workers, some just “regular folks.”
    Are Kuwaitis preparing for when this goes human-to-human?
    Any information about what’s going on would be really helpful!
    Bye, from the other side of the planet,
    and thank you for your time,

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