Ramadan: Kuwait’s Unsung Heroes

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If you think fasting, going to the mosque for prayer and refraining from impure, negative thoughts and actions throughout the day in Ramadan is hard, think again.

My brother-in-law is a low-key, humble individual. He not only spends the afternoon carefully monitoring and preparing food for over 150 laborers and low-income expatriates in Hawalli but also helps serve them food (even though he himself is fasting as well). He is the real embodiment of a Muslim, one who is a brother to all, irrespective of race, rank and color.

There are thousands of people like him in Kuwait working diligently – every single day of Ramadan – towards the betterment of others.

And they do it quietly. You won’t see their pictures in any newspapers.

Nevertheless, they are the real heroes in this society (and in Islam).

5 thoughts on “Ramadan: Kuwait’s Unsung Heroes

  1. mashalla 3aleh.. taqabal Allah 6a3ta o 6a3atna kelena..
    Allah ykhalee lekom.. sounds like a great person :]
    i always wondered who actually prepared and served those meals at the mosques..

  2. Mashallah i jazah allah kheir, this is what am talking about- people helping each other & doing it with self respect & dignity not for the propaganda of showing off these deeds…

  3. ya 7elo ramadan in kuwait o ya 7ilo sa3tah.
    The only thing i really really miss about ramadan in kuwait .. is the hour before etfar when taking food to every single mosque around us and the guys in the streets …
    i don’t know even know how to express it.

  4. الله يتقبل منا جميعا صيامنا وقيامنا وصالح اعمالنا ,والله الواحد مع البلاوي اللي كل يوم يقرأها بالصحف نسى ان الكويت بلد الخير والناس الطيبين . الله لا يغير علينا

  5. God bless your brother in law richly and abundantly, and God bless and prosper the work of his hands! Blessings of Ramadan on him, and all the unsung heroes who work with food while fasting. What amazing self discipline.

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