Abu Dhabi Builds Gulf’s 1st ‘Green City’

I really admire the vision and determination of the UAE rulers in raising the benchmark on everything.

BBC News Online is reporting that Abu Dhabi is building a carbon neutral city, as well as investing $15 billion in clean/sustainable energy R&D (LINK).


From BBC News Online

An excerpt:

Masdar City will cost $22bn (£11.3bn), take eight years to build and be home to 50,000 people and 1,500 businesses. The city will be mostly powered by solar energy and residents will move in travel pods running on magnetic tracks. The city will make use of traditional Gulf architecture to create low-energy buildings, with natural air conditioning from wind towers. Water will be provided through a solar-powered desalination plant, Masdar says. The city will need a quarter of the power required for a similar sized community, while its water needs will be 60% lower. The city forms part of an ambitious plan to develop clean energy technologies

Jaber Al-Ahmed City. Sabah Al-Ahmed City. Ahmed Al-Fahad City. Silk City. ETC – eat your heart out.

3 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi Builds Gulf’s 1st ‘Green City’

  1. What’s happened to this blog? There have been a lot of interesting political events taking place in Kuwait recently and yet there is no comment. Have you been muzzled or just lost interest? I used to enjoy reading your take on current events in Kuwait. I really hope that bloggers are not feeling threatened to speak out on poitical issues. No free speech = no democracy. You really are fooling yourselves if you think otherwise.

  2. Good question and I appreciate the enquiry…
    …Not threatened at all (I’m one of the few bloggers who does not post anonymously) but cynical about the process, you can only highlight what’s wrong so many times…everyone knows what is wrong but nobody wants to do anything about it…
    ..But I’ll be back posting regularly soon.

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