Casting The Ballot In Kuwait


I just returned from voting, a swift, proficient and relatively effortless democratic exercise (the Interior personnel were top notch, patient and helpful to the voters).

The school I voted in was relatively bare; I did not have to wait at all (I love voting at 4pm!).

On leaving the car and proceeding by foot to the voting area, one is bombarded by dozens of electoral employees shoving candidature cards and other literature into one hand. Once one reaches the school, Interior personnel check one’s Citizenship Card to make sure they haven’t voted already.

On entering the educational premises you check the alphabetical lists on the wall, locate your name and ‘room number’ and proceed to the specified area.

Once you walk into a room – divided up into three sections: one section with approximately 15 observers, the other section with three stands for voting, and a large table with the a judge and an assistant – they proceed to examine your Citizenship Card, reading your name aloud and then handing you a ballot.

You then proceed to a stand and choose four candidates by marking a ‘check’ inside the box.







voting hallway.JPG



Voting is great, it leaves you feeling thrilled, like you did your bit for your country.

Let us hope today signifies a new, productive era for Kuwait. Tonight will tell, but either way, the public, the people, have done their bit.

Now the government needs to step up to the plate and formulate a development program for Kuwait.

4 thoughts on “Casting The Ballot In Kuwait

  1. Good job voting.. Ours wasn’t bad either… Man this week was hell.. I’m not even going to wait up for the results!

  2. I love all these photos! No one objected? Or were you being surreptitious about it? Thanks for letting us non-Kuwaiti, non-voters have a peek at the inside.

  3. “And is it proficient or efficient? ;-)”
    Zaydoun, In your case it is both, dahling! As for the development program, well, one can dream…
    Marzouq, I know who you voted for and it’s a pity one of them didn’t make it.
    Thanks Intlx, your support is appreciated as usual. And yes, I was ‘surreptitious’!

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