Power Cuts Will Continue

The statement by the official in the following Kuwait Times story is spot-on.

Happened to us last week, three power cuts, two in one day, the last one lasting 4 hours. A bunch of angry neighbors and myself showed up at the transformer in our neck of the woods, we found an Iranian MOE technician unable to enter the premises because “our orders are to wait for the Kuwaiti engineer” (this clown showed up hours late, no doubt after a nice little evening nap).

I have a lot I want to say, but I think I’ll spare you the drama. It’s been said before, by us, by others, nobody cares and they will continue to humiliate the Kuwaiti and expat population into submission.

He who has the gold – the one who controls the purse strings – makes the rules. That’s the way they like it. That’s the way they want it. And when they invest in our infrastructure, it will be on their terms and when they want it.

That’s the reality.

One thought on “Power Cuts Will Continue

  1. No matter how many complaints we file, no matter what we do, we are still stuck with these idiots! It drives me nuts, and they will be cutting power this summer.. again..

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