Aseel Al-Awadhi Announces Candidacy Via You Tube

President Obama won mostly through his strong presence on the Internet – will it work for Aseel Al-Awadhi?


الدكتورة أسيل العوضي

يوتيوب” ترشح د. أسيل يظهر في نشرة أخبار قناة الراي

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9 thoughts on “Aseel Al-Awadhi Announces Candidacy Via You Tube

  1. on paper she has an ompressive resume. but in rality she’s too mellow, she’s not a PM material. although i have some fundemental diffrences with Rola Dashti shes much better equipped for the job. and the youtube video, was she impersonating Mama Aneesa?

  2. She’s got my vote, a new generation of thinkers is what this country needs. I’d compare her mentality with 9ali7 almullas (AKA 100% pure good compared with other garbage)
    Alah ewafgich ya diktora aseel

  3. interesting usage of web 2.0
    It did help Obama a lot, to touch base with the electorate. with a large population of tech/internet savvy Kuwaitis, it should be interesting to see how candidates use technology to reach out to the voters, and how the voters react…

  4. walla ana atwaqaa3 aseeel eb tou9al ilmaajliis!!
    ana e7saasii chethe . . . la’naa kanat agrab wa7daa men il7arem akher marra lilfouzz.. oo a7s 3ndaha afkarr ydedda ..oo tsa3eed ilbalad 😀
    yala mwafqeen oo ilbaqaaa’a lil’afthal 😀

  5. I think it is wonderful that she was elected. I have great hope for her. I hope she plans on having security guards because there are many radicals in Arab countries who might want her dead.
    I have a mission to establish Peace on Earth by 2027.
    There will need to be many more people who are looking forward instead of backward in order for Peace to be real.

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