Out With The Old, In With The Old?


(تصوير: خليل البوريني – Al-Qabas)

The Kuwaiti ‘political street’ seems to indicate that current MPs such as Rajah Al-Hujailan, Khalid Al-Sultan, Abdulla Al-Roumi, Abdelwahid al-Awadhi, Nasser Al-Sane and Jaber Al-Mohailbi might not run for re-election. A few of these individuals cannot run due to a combination of negative public feedback stemming from their actions (verbal or otherwise) and gossip concerning their business ventures – running would leave them vulnerable to further personal attacks.

Jassim Al-Khorafi stated a while back that he would not run again, but I think that is still up in the air. When he gets that phone call he will run.

Ahmed Al-Sadoun will run again in the 3rd District.

There are reports that Khalid Al-Khalid might run in the 2nd District as opposed to the 3rd (where he had difficulty gaining electoral support).

Aseel Al-Awadhi is still mulling whether to run, but since she almost dislodged Nasser Al-Sane from the 10th position in the 3rd District, she should run, and stands an excellent chance of winning (even without her ‘National Democratic Alliance’ group).

Saleh Al-Mulla (3rd District) will run again.

There is a strong possibility that veterans Mishari Al-Anjari and Talal Al-Ayyar run again.

There are conflicting reports about Ali Al-Rashed, some stating he won’t run, others that he will.

Ahmed Al-Mulaifi might switch from the 3rd District to the 1st District.

These are preliminary reports and subject to change.

7 thoughts on “Out With The Old, In With The Old?

  1. i hate to disagree with you , but clearly Aseel is going to be out of her league if she tried this time , not only does the National Democratic Alliance has few voters in the 3rd district , but it is splintering more and more
    and last time i read the numbers , Al-Sane had 800 votes on her , kind of hard to call it almost dislodging him
    Last Election we were told that she wasn’t ready because the parliament was dissolved earlier , it seem its the same problem now , she didn’t even update her blog since the past election

  2. Actually Forzaq8, ‘Hadas’ (Sane, Shaiji) have taken a big hit in 3rd District, Sane will probably not run, Ahmed Al-Mulaifi might transfer to #1, and I think her chances now are better than ever, especially if there is fatigue concerning ‘veteran’ candidates.
    800 votes spread out throughout 3rd District (Surra, Yarmouk, Cordoba, Rawda etc) is not too much – she can win; people seem to want change and what better way than to vote for young people, especially women.
    Aseel did much better than expected last time, she even outgunned her partners Al-Khalid and Al-Shaye – she won based on her own merits, in spite of – not because of the ‘National Democratic Alliance.’
    But we’ll wait and see.

  3. Al-Khalid is the worst example you can bring to the table when talking about performance
    Al-Khalid Family are concetrated in second distrect , not only that but he wasn’t elected to a seat before , while he and Shaiji were in Al-Baladi councel , Shaiji won his seat , Al-Khalid was representing Chamber of commerce ( which to be frank , an elite clubs full of snubs ) he had no chance at all and dragged Al-Shaye with him
    the gap of her numbers and her partners show National Democratic Alliance strength in the disterect
    Oh and Ahmed Al-Mulaifi is staying in 3rd , according to reports on 5-q8 blog ( the election blog 😛 )
    most groups had a very bad perfonance in the past election , even if they won , the
    only you can call good was Sane & Shaiji

  4. I don’t know what you mean by stating Al-Khalid ‘represented KCCI’ in the 3rd District – this is simply not true. He was representing the Liberals but the reason he and Faisal al-Shaye not just lost, but lost in a dramatic way was the fact that the former didn’t strike a positive note with the public (he rubbed many the wrong way with his Municipal Council statements) and the latter had already been an MP a few times and the 3rd District wasn’t particularly impressed with his performance. Al-Khalid and Al-Shaye dragged themselves down – individually. The ‘National Democratic Alliance’ umbrella didn’t help them.
    There are scores who voted for Saleh Al-Mulla, Roudhan Al-Roudhan and Aseel Al-Awadi who didn’t bother voting for Al-Khalid and Al-Shaye – what does that tell you?

  5. Al-Khalid did not represent KCCI in the 3rd District
    He represented KCCI in the Municipal Council, he didn’t have people on the ground or build up a base, unlike Al-Shaiji
    Roundhan can’t be even counted as Liberal that is quite a stretch
    He did vote for the committee that is the embodiment of all that is
    the numbers gap between Aseel Almulla and Al-Shaye ( who was in Al-manbar ) does show it wasn’t ideological vote , and there are rumors flying of vote swap ( because there were no official numbers related to vote distribution released ) between candidates and it wasn’t also based on ideological reasons

  6. Well it looks like Ahmed Al-Mulaifi is not moving after all, he is staying at the 3rd District.
    And Abdulla Al-Roumi (1st District) is running again it seems.

    Mkhaamaa666 :P! shsaalffa arthaa allaah haathe 😀

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