The ‘Diwaniya’ Keeps Growing

At the outset, I would like to thank all bloggers and writers who have so far contributed pieces to ‘Hilaliya,’ elevating it from a personal blog to a community blog (which I am proud of). Moreover, the ‘Diwaniya’ concept has also allowed certain bloggers the flexibility of posting about issues they were passionate here, as opposed to their own blogs, due to demographic constraints or otherwise.

Special thanks to Don Veto, Intlxpatr, 4th Ring Road, Forzaq8, Aggz the Aggressor, Daggero, فتح الخير and Hanan Al-Hajeri for their exclusive pieces all of which highlighted their own smarts, style and interests.

A big thanks to you, our frequent reader and commenter, for your feedback and support.

Additional bloggers (and writers) have jumped onto the ‘Blogging Diwaniya’ bandwagon, so expect some great new posts the coming weeks.

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