‘The Diwaniya’ Opens Its Doors, More Visitors Incoming

We’ve had great new mileage out of the blog’s ‘Diwaniya’ concept so far, the ‘Guest Contributors’ have done a stellar job: an entertaining piece by Don Veto (‘Things People Carry As ‘Baggage’ When Travelling’), a politically passionate one by Intlxpatr (‘Smile For Me Baby – Let Me See Your Grill’) – the next few weeks and months expect appearances by some of the brightest bloggers in our stratosphere; they’ll also get their own permanent category slot on the blog (for a hint of things to come check out the right side-bar). If you haven’t been contacted yet, you probably will be. It’s about community; having fun and making a difference.

Next up on the horizon is a new writer called فتح الخير who will blog in Arabic (a ‘Hilaliya’ first).

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