The Patience of Ayoub (Job)

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HH The Emir

We share more commonalities than differences. Getting democracies up and running isn’t such an easy task. All countries wrestle with the same issues – how to create laws that protect both majority rights and minority rights? How to restrain those in power, so that they may serve those they were elected to serve?

Many look at positions of power and think “How glorious! What fun it must be to be the President/ Emir / Minister! Their lives are full of parties and grand openings! They live to give speeches! I could do that!” What people don’t see is the true nature of leadership. The life of your Emir is filled with self-sacrifice. His leadership is a holy thing; a burden – he is the leader and servant of all his people.

I remember studying politics in college, to my surprise one of my professors informed us that Communism was the most efficient system for bringing chaotic political systems into order. The brutal infliction of communism on a nation does, indeed, bring order and institutions . . . until that system crumbles under it’s own weight, as do most totalitarian regimes.

It would be so easy to be a benevolent dictator. It would be so easy to rule a country, and to focus your resources on education, health care, roads, electricity, water and developing trade. Your Emir has chosen the harder path – leading his citizens to participate in the rule of the country.

It is a much more difficult challenge to bring citizens to responsible self-rule. Your Emir has the patience of Job; he has endured the antics and intricate dances of his House of Parliament with enormous endurance, allowing all the foolishness to play itself out on the Parliamentary stage. It is this servant, this Amir’s responsibility to ensure that his nation survives. It can only be with enormous sadness that he must – once again – dissolve the Parliament and call for new elections, hoping beyond hope that the newly elected will have a sense of responsibility and self-discipline to take the place of the posturing egoists in the current Parliament.

I cannot begin to imagine the cloak of responsibility that settled on his shoulders when he accepted the Emir-ship, just over three years ago. While he has his wise counselors, it must be an enormous weight on his shoulders, and ultimately, by the Grace of God, it is he who must make the most painful decisions for the greater good of his nation and its people.

The citizen also has a duty, a duty to look beyond selfish personal needs and to identify the greater needs of society. He or she have an obligation to fully analyze their candidates, to discover whether they are somber, balanced lawmakers – who deliberate, who seek consensus – as opposed to individuals eager for position, backed by delcarations of empty promises, who dance, posture, and bring shame to the position of Member of Parliament.

Your Emir on a daily basis takes on the great burden of managing a vast, complex nation. In return – and this is such a small thing – you should treasure your vote and cast it wisely.

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  1. Alah esa3idna!
    Government needs cleaning top to bottom..
    He is in a tough situation.. and he just has to deal with it! Our country is falling apart.. we need it cleared up!

  2. a7baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa babaa 9baaaaaaaaaaaa77 :D:D
    allah ykhalii 7ag ilkuwait oo yaafthaa enshalla :D!! oo y6aweel eb 3uumra goulaaaw ameeeeeeeeenn :D:D

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