Why The Government Shuns Young Kuwaitis

Young professional Kuwaitis – with exceptions of course – tend to be more honest, transparent and tougher in implementing regulations; they come from a ‘cleaner’ generation, many are reformers who wouldn’t hesitate to battle corruption; sending scores from within their own ministries to the Public Prosecution, and in general burn bureaucratic and official bridges for the sake of reforming the system.

But the ruling elites don’t like dealing with them because young professionals are ‘harder to control’: they are mavericks, they think and act independently and they don’t kiss ass. You won’t see them sitting mildly outside the PM’s office holding their paperwork, waiting for approval (they would be too busy cleaning house).

Most of the suggestions concerning young ministerial candidates given to the PM or the Government are almost always turned down – they prefer a crowd they can control, a crowd that has mutual interests with the government, a crowd that has a track record with the government; another reason why you often see the resurrection of dinosaurs from the 1980s and beyond to new cabinet positions. They are not interested in other Dr. Anas Al-Rushaid types.

We don’t just need new young blood in Parliament, we also need it at the ‘Council of Ministers.’ However, the ‘rinse and repeat’ modus operandi of cabinet positions is not bound to change anytime soon.

5 thoughts on “Why The Government Shuns Young Kuwaitis

  1. In the meantime, they wait for the old guys to die out and during the waiting process, many are called over to the dark side as it becomes harder and harder to battle against the odds. So much talent is wasted! Kuwait has so much unharnessed potential. Its very sad.

  2. LOL, we call the ones they want “team players” right? Willing to look the other way? You are right, most of the young Kuwaitis I have met are PISTOLS; smart, idealistic, eager, HARD WORKING – and oh, did I mention smart?

  3. It’s no secret that younger generations of Kuwaitis are smarter and hard-working, and given the chance, they will out-shine and out-work the resident expat workforce. The problem is, the older generation, while somewhat willing to absorb this new blood into their workstream, will think twice before exposing them to the upper echelons of management, especially if the’re old school domain.
    …however, it’s only a matter of time.

  4. ” They are not interested in other Dr. Anas Al-Rushaid types”. !!! What is his type? and what did he do to begin with? he ran out at the very first sight of the battle ground!!!
    It is no secret that young talented kuwaiti’s are not getting a chance in the gov. sector, as it is no secret that the older generation are holding on to their seats… to me, the answer is: Its human Nature, why? cause one day we will be the older generation and young kuwaiti’s will call upon us to step down.
    I have no doupt that we have got mavericks, but those mavreicks have got to buy time and keep pushing and fighting the strong tide in order to make it. I know we can make it cause we never give up.

  5. ابو الفوارس Dr. Anas didn’t run at ‘the sight of the first battle’, he realized he was a lone voice in the board room supporting the Constitution and nobody offered support.
    He knew his days were numbered – and he did the right thing, he forfeited a position for the sake of his integrity.

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