Kuwait Political Fatigue.

Political fatigue and cynicism are in the air. People aren’t even into election rallies. And the ones who are, hear the same tales of ‘If I am elected.’ Newspapers are tedious to read. Late night TV shows featuring candidates have become deja vu. There are some candidates who aren’t even running because they fear parliament might be disbanded again.

People fear even if they vote right, the government will deliberately hijack its own political process baiting the ‘Problem MP’s’ by imposing Defense Minister Sheik Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah as Prime Minister on them and that in itself will court trouble and controversy.

Even if the government doesn’t impose the Defence Minister on Parliament, the same schtick will occur: there will be a session or two of Parliament followed by a four month hiatus. They will reconvene in October, the government will hand in a lacklustre ‘cut and paste’ development program and the Parliament will go haywire. Then we all get hit by an ‘unconstitutional dissolution.

Will that stop me for voting? Of course not – after all I can spare an hour on May 16.

Do I think my vote will make a difference on Election Day? No.

5 thoughts on “Kuwait Political Fatigue.

  1. If only everone starts changing himself rather than trying to change the universe/government/parliment/political scene/… etc, Kuwait would have been in a better place already.
    For example, various bloggers who complain about the ignorance/lack of ethics bla bla bla here are repeatedly using work time and resources to blog and write essays about who should do what.
    How ethical is that? and this is only a simple example.
    Guys, enough with the waste of time, look at your selves first and see what change did you do to your self, your family, your friends, your workplace? A change to the better that is !

  2. Wafra, obviously something about my cynical election diatribe got to you. I can’t imagine what it was.
    Yes, Wafra, let us all focus on ourselves, let’s shut down newspapers, columnists, journalists, bloggers, ban politicians, writers, activists, media and civic institutions etc – lets all just focus on work, home and friends and not highlight issues that need improvement in society.
    That is a great way to be a citizen.
    Don’t worry, we have a good forum here for exchanging ideas, lots of very talented writers who do care about something bigger than themselves, other than themselves. Since when is that a crime? Or maybe you would prefer if Kuwait-based bloggers – bright, patriotic and progressive heroes imho – just posted about Lattes and Sushi.
    Welcome to the blog:)

  3. “Why even bother taking the tents down? The parliament will probably only be in effect for 6 months. Its sad.”
    Yes, DG, but this time the nail in the coffin will be the final one. At least for a few years. We’ll see what happens.
    As for myself, I’m voting mostly for women.

  4. Well I really don’t know that much how politics run here and prefer staying aside since am an expat but aren’t the same people coming in everytime? what i would love to see more women in the parliament!

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