Your Criterion And The Candidate


‘National Assembly’ Extension

May 16th, Election Day, is on the horizon.

People often ask what my personal criterion is in electing someone – some of it instinctual, most of it is real politik-based, in other words, candidates who perform their duties in a realistic, level-headed manner with the national interests at heart, devoid of extremist, foreign ideologies and immune to the vaults of riches and personal self-aggrandizement.

In many cases, however, there are candidates who are smart, educated, progressive but don’t particularly fit a ‘code,’ a set of questions that I mentally scrutinize concerning the candidate:

  • Who will the candidate support as ‘Speaker of the Parliament’?

  • Will the candidate accept a cabinet position?

  • Does the candidate have any business interests with the state?

There are a couple of exceptional candidates, from both genders, look impressive on paper, but offering them a vote would be fruitless – they wouldn’t meet the aforementioned benchmarks. I don’t know about you, but I am not in the business of electing individuals interested in cabinet positions (or in individuals who enjoy the ‘status quo’) – to me those are wasted votes.

What are your personal benchmarks for the ideal candidate?

7 thoughts on “Your Criterion And The Candidate

  1. I turned 21 last year here in the states, so I haven’t had the chance to vote yet. Naively, my benchmarks are
    Has the candidate proven to be an agent of effective, practical and positive change in the past?
    Is the candidate able to maintain a calm debate without becoming inflamed over ideas s/he dissagrees with and not be lured by attempted personal attacks?
    Would love to hear the experienced folk’s opinion on my “benchmarks”

  2. I want a candidate that will not waste time in endless debates on reforms, not support silly laws, and help us be better more prosperous and safe.
    None of the existing ex members of parliaments are like that, so I will vote for new names.

  3. At this point I just want a cadidate who can get the country moving again. Level headed, not a thief, not an extremist, some form of intelligence!

  4. A candidate must be straight forward (Cuts through bull shit).
    When i see some one doing just that he will earn my trust and vote. but untill that day arrives i will have to wait to cast my vote for the first time in my life.

  5. Saleh Al-Mulla, Adil Al-Sarawi, Ali Al-Rashed, Rola Dashti, Aseel Al-Awadhi,Mansour Muharib, Abdulrahman Al-Anjari, and *many* more fit your criteria SHADOW, why won’t you vote for them? There are many good candidates out there, my friend.

  6. 1) Someone with a stellar reputation in terms of politics (no bribes, no fishy alliances, no business agenda)
    2) Someone with little or no concern for ethnic or sectarian background (Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait, no allegiance to a tribe, no neighboring country affiliations, JUST Kuwait)
    3) Well-informed, well-educated, well-spoken (don’t you think some folks need to have dog leashes tied around their neck?)
    4) Avoids being too theatrical on stage (I’d like not to be represented by a clown or a diva)
    5) And MOST IMPORTANTLY, when he/she talks I got to feel like I believe them.

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