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Update 28/4/10 : We have received the following message from Ms. Nadia, a close friend of the victim.

“Hilaliya thank you so much for posting this!

I just want to point out a few things that the newspapers didnt mention:

Dana is 22 years old NOT 20.
Her mom passed away from a STROKE (not heart attack) due to the stress of her daughter being treated this way.
Dana was on Jawazat round about when this traffic officer in a pick up truck with tinted windows cut her off and made her slam on her brakes. He got out and WAS wearing the police uniform, however he was off duty (and NOT in a police car). He took her license and told her to follow him to the RUMATHIYA police station EVEN though they were right infront of the SALMIYA police station. On the way he was speeding and not even indicating. When she arrived to the police station she waited in her car while he went inside. Soon he came back with a man in a dishdasha and told her to go inside. She said no as she was the only girl alone and there were men inside, and she wanted her parents to arrive first.(Dana was speaking in English as her Arabic is poor). The disgusting officer started screaming at her at the top of his lungs saying that he’d KILL HER, put her face under his shoe and squash it, and punch her face that her glasses will go in her eyes and start bleeding to death! The story gets even worse, however its best told by DANA herself.
Dana and her family are respectful people that obey the laws of KUWAIT as well as the religion. They are good people, and they DO NOT deserve this. Her friends and family will not rest until JUSTICE IS SERVED.

Dana and her father have been interview by AL WATAN TV, and the show will be aired onTHURSDAY 29TH APRIL @ 10pm. (‘The Khaled Adul Jaleel Show’).

May her mother REST IN PEACE.

Her best friend Nadia“.

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Excuse us for interrupting you and your ministry’s hard work, obviously busy busting foreign National Day celebrations in stadiums, expelling Al-Baradei supporters and pontificating about Dual Nationality ‘measures.’

I am not going to touch on Taxi drivers (working for companies owned by Interior Ministry personnel) selling female passengers into slavery and prostitution.

I am not going to touch on Human Traffickers: certain Merchants and Companies, MPs, Municipality Members, Sheiks and others being untouchable.

I am not going to touch on certain ‘Security Apparatus’ members, bribed by dangerous foreign elements attempting to infiltrate Kuwait.

I am not going to touch on your ministry’s plans to alleviate traffic, reduce congestion and car accidents.

I am not going to touch on the increasing crime rate in Kuwait.

I am sure you and your ‘team’ tirelessly work night and day to formulate solutions to the above issues. However, I do have but one simple question.

What are you going to do about this?

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