Government Sees The Light, Passes “5 Constituencies” Bill


In a welcome and positive move, the newly-sworn in Kuwaiti Cabinet has agreed to pass the “5 Constituencies” draft bill (Click HERE for the AFP article)

The reformers, the “Orange” activists made a difference; politics fused with social conscience can work. The demonstrations, the blog articles, the marches, the uploaded videos and satellite feeds, the role the young reformers played alongside reformist MPs, and most of all, the men and women who ventured into 50 degree heat and voted for reformers, all made history. Everyone played a part, everyone had good days and bad days, everyone got knocked down on their derrieres, but that’s fine because Kuwait is bigger than all of us.

Let us hope that the Government – who listened to the people and formed a cabinet in tune with the demands of the public – and the National Assembly start off working on positive lines towards the wellbeing and development of the country.

Are our problems over? Will corruption suddenly be eradicated from all of Kuwait? Will major projects suddenly materialize, upgrading infrastructure and services to citizens, as well as additional sources of revenue for the country?

No. But passing 5 Constituencies is a step in the right direction. Kuwait has wasted a lot of precious time already.

We all have a lot of catching up to do.