Kuwait To Grant KD 200 ($690) To Citizens (But I Have A Better Idea)

It’s all over the wires now (LINK):

The one million citizens of Kuwait, where government financial assets have topped $166bn, are to receive a grant of 200 dinars ($690) each, the government announced on Sunday.

“In accordance with directives by the emir, the cabinet decided to provide all Kuwaiti citizens with a grant of 200 dinars each,” state minister for cabinet affairs Ismail al-Shatti said after the cabinet weekly meeting”.

I have a suggestion: How about the government keeps its meagre KD 200 and offer us the following:

* Uninterrupted water.
* Strong infrastructure.
* Decent health care and hospitals in all areas.
* Eliminate or lessen bureacracy.
* Shares to all citizens in newly privatized companies.
* A “Vision” for the future of Kuwait and its citizens.
* Decent jobs without glass ceilings to young people.
* Clean up the environment and limit toxic and environmental waste from oil companies and factories.

I’ll take any of the above goals as opposed to getting KD 200 every few years while the country makes billions off oil unable to efficiently spend or nurture the revenue.

Oh, I almost forgot, the public would also appreciate stable internet that doesn’t “break” days or weeks on end (I can’t even imagine how financial and public institutions are coping with this).

15 thoughts on “Kuwait To Grant KD 200 ($690) To Citizens (But I Have A Better Idea)

  1. I would love to have 200KD, if it is monthly, and if they are in a giving mood, they can lower the retirement age to 30 years.
    That will solve the bureaucracy problem, water problem, infrastructure problem and enviromental problem because everyone above 30 would be out of Kuwait enjoying their retirement.

  2. “…everyone above 30 would be out of Kuwait enjoying their retirement”.
    Sounds like the plot of a ‘feel-good’ LOGAN’S RUN!

  3. because as long as they are buying off their citizen’s silence, they do not have to answer to us, nor do any of the suggestions on your list…

  4. 200…..!!!!
    a part of me is happy to get the cash…
    but the bigger part is really angry.
    Ohhh, I must say: I am totaly with the 30 yrs retirement age. or 40.

  5. “I am totaly with the 30 yrs retirement age. or 40”.
    At 40 you’ll probably be working for some antiquated bureacrat, wondering when your next 30KD promotion is coming through.

  6. Can you please go back to the old design.
    This one is not comfortable.
    My eyes are hurting.

  7. DECAF!!!!!DECAF????
    I agree, especially those who wanted to use tanks and shooting blanks in their blog..!!
    common man.

  8. Kuwait is like a very rich old man who is cheap but likes to accumulate money, while living in a shit, faulty house, but when he travel he spend a lot outside while ignoring his house and people.

  9. How about 500 KD instead of 200 KD, and an affirmative increase of 50+ in salaries as of Ramadhan plus a hefty 3eediya of 100 KD ?

  10. A year late but oh well I still want to add one more thing the gov’t could do for it’s citizens
    Better public education system, start educating them extremly well at a young age and they won’t turn into half the hooligans they are now.

  11. Agreed. We have a crisis in the educational sector now, notably the government sector.
    Private schools in Kuwait by and large are efficient and help groom smart, capable individuals.
    In Kuwait, everything government-related: ministries, institutions etc are a major failure. The private sector is way ahead of the government and the calibre of people who work in the private sector is the antithesis of your archtypical govt employee.
    We also need a cultural revolution here, a way of encouraging thought, ideas, of rewarding creativity and productivity instead of discouraging it.

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