Some of my friends were complaining recently that it took longer to load this blog’s webpages and I wasn’t sure of what the problem was.
Could the following be the problem:

Bandwidth (this month) 9618.76 / 10000 MB

And the month ain’t over yet.
For a very casual (and lazy blogger) I’m a tad surprised at the bandwidth increase.
I guess it’s time to buy more bandwidth.

4 thoughts on “Bandwidth…Bandwidth…Bandwidth…

  1. move to dreamhost
    ur host is not giving u enough bandwidth 10gb of bandwidth is nothing 🙂
    i had 100gb at godaddy, and my average was 20gb a month, then again, i post some songs and some videos from time to time.
    with dreamhost, i got 2TB (with a T) of bandwidth, which is way more than enough.

  2. Aye, Yazeed, I’ve heard great things about Dreamhost, especially concerning value for money, but I’m very content with Living Dot ( ), their Customer service is truly excellent, they are prompt and professional (I took care of the bandwidth issue btw).

  3. well about customer service, i really have to say that with the 3 companies that I have dealt with with web hosting, dreamhost ranks the highest, by a mile, they usually reply within 10-15 mins from the time i email them, even though most of my communication with them was very technical.
    and another thing, why dont you decrease the number of posts that appear on ur main page, for ppl back home, I am sure it takes them a while for the whole page to load, all those pics load everytime ppl hit up ur website. also why not host ur pics on flickr, and and add them to ur posts, instead of having them hosted on ur account

  4. Yes, Flickr is a good alternative and I can decrease the number of posts per main page (they are 30 at the moment now)

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