The Obstacles Of Importing Into Kuwait

An interesting Kuwait Times Article on the obstacles of importing into Kuwait.
Here are a few highlights:

Companies trying to import technology, software and hardware into Kuwait face a mountain of bureaucratic obstacles…
The cost of importing a particular product varies. The time a product will be cleared by customs varies. The process can take days, weeks or longer and many importers won’t know the final cost until they have bills in hand…
…According to the report, that has surveyed business people from the 175 countries ranked, the preparation of 11 documents for import in Kuwait takes 14 days. The customs clearance and technical control take another five days to complete. Another four days are needed for ports and terminal handling procedure, the report claims, in addition to four days allocated for inland transportation and handling.

4 thoughts on “The Obstacles Of Importing Into Kuwait

  1. companies ? you can’t get your own personal stuff shipped to Kuwait without too much hassle and problems
    i have 2 games that are in Kuwait airport customs since Wednesday and they don’t want to release them yet
    Kuwait financial harbor of the region , yeah right , dream on

  2. Habibi Amoor,
    The Kuwaiti saying states: Hutt filosik bil shams wa ig3ad bil thilal.
    You need to expand, its the best site I enjoy reading late night and call it a day. Cheers
    Waleed Mandani

  3. Hey Waleed, nice to see you around this vicinity! Hope you are well. Thx for the kind comment.
    “The Kuwaiti saying states: Hutt filosik bil shams wa ig3ad bil thilal”.
    Ain’t that the truth.
    Forzaq8: I’m afraid I share your cynicism.
    Veto: Sounds like a potential good post at your site – do the write up. Trust me, Customs stories gets a lot of viewer hits!

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