Govt’s Attitude At Impending Water, Electricity Crisis


10 thoughts on “Govt’s Attitude At Impending Water, Electricity Crisis

  1. I better take an extended leave in Summer or buy a huge Generator for the house. Or maybe it is the goverment’s way to prevent global warming?

  2. heyy bro! how are you? hope you had fun and enjoyed the course. So, why dont you write a killer article on this one like the moc one?

  3. Thx man but I don’t know what else to add that hasn’t been already said. Nothing is clear these days, one day you hear Kuwait will construct power plants, one day you hear nuclear energy, one day you hear companies are already at work on desalination and electrical plants, then you hear companies withdraw their offers etc — nothing is bloody clear in this country.

  4. Allow me to go off-topic:
    There’s a lecture and exhibition tonight (Monday) at the Kuwait National Museum that i think you’d enjoy.
    It’s about the recent findings of archeological exvacations going on in Failaka Island.
    It starts at 7:30 at the Kuwait National Museum (gulf road, next to Parliament)
    Hope you can make it…

  5. welcome back to your blog. you have been missed.
    I hope the Govt. deals with this issue ASAP. It is plain stupid not to fix it. Ohhh, and someone tell those MP’s to quite and stop blackmailing the Govt. for conrtacts on any future plans on fixing this problem.

  6. In today’s paper is an article about the need for a Metro in Kuwait. Juxtaposed against the photos in the Friday Times of overflowing sewage, wastewater, rain water, I would not want to be on an underground train if heavy, unexpected rains hit. Maybe a monorail! An above ground transportation system.
    Meanwhile, yes, blah blah blah blah and nothing happens. When was the most recent desalinization plant brought online? When did the most recent power plant open?

  7. OK….could we get a fresh topic here plzzzz….
    i want to read something new, their is so many things taking place around the world.

  8. “In today’s paper is an article about the need for a Metro in Kuwait.”
    As long as you can buy a car in Kuwait for 200-300KD no one will use the metro – Kuwait is like L.A., not the kind of place you’d wanna use public transportation in; the scorching weather; doesn’t help either.
    Ask any engineer, what you see in Kuwait now: the roads etc were designed for 1960s demographic figures not 3 million people.

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