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The Kuwait Ministry Of Health

Anyone who has ever visited a hospital or health care institution in Kuwait knows we have serious issues that need to be dealt with as soon as possible: we don’t have enough beds, efficient doctors are quitting or going into exile, pharmacies run out of medicine, the ambulances are scarce, outdated and inneficient – and so on.

I would like to highlight an excellent Kuwaiti blog: Kuwait Health, which promotes constructive dialogue about health care in Kuwait via sharp and well-researched essays.

The website is run by Nadeem Al-Duaij, MD, Bibi Al-Ameeri, MD and Raed Hashem, MD.

They should be commended for focusing on this neglected sector.

2 thoughts on “‘Kuwait Health’ Blog

  1. I know what are hospitals look like, and how they treat people when they come in.
    Even in emergancy cases YOU HAVE TO HAVE “WASTA”!!!!
    That made me SICK.
    oooooh, has anyone entered the WC in the emergancy section at the Amiri hospital??? man, i would rather take a leek on the streets than to go their again.

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