Old ‘Free Kuwait’ Poster


It’s hard to believe it been almost 17 years since the invasion (and harder to believe it’s been that long since I was at University) but I found the above poster today – we were DC-based students working with Citizens For A Free Kuwait at the time.

We fought hard for the liberation, we went to war, we had high aspirations for rebuilding an even better Kuwait. We are still waiting.

3 thoughts on “Old ‘Free Kuwait’ Poster

  1. the only thing i missed from the invasion was: how all kuwaities worked together, one goal, one heart, no discrimination, no wasta, and we made it:) now some even say maybe we need another invasion! thats how bad we became:(

  2. wish i’d been here before the invasion to see what life was like back then… i hear from everyone that it used to be so much better pre-invasion. Sad, that.

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