Kuwait’s ‘Al-Watan TV’ Scores

I may not agree with the politics of the Al-Watan newspaper, nontheless, I have to admit that their new satellite station Al-Watan TV is one slick, efficient piece of programming with variety of shows covering various demographics. The promos and other related material between shows are also professional, well edited and scored – apparently they have a top notch team working behind the scenes as well.

An entertaining satirical show – which gives UAE’s Al-Fareej a run for its money – is Bu Qatada And Bu Nabeel, a CGI comedy revolving around a Westernised Kuwaiti, a Bedouin and an Islamist. Kudos to any show that manages to both simultaneously highlight our differences and celebrate them, not to mention offer talented, creative Kuwaitis an opportunity to create such programs.

If I were Al-Rai TV I’d be very nervous now.

As far as KTV is concerned they have become irrelevant with a huge drop in advertising revenue this year due to competition.

4 thoughts on “Kuwait’s ‘Al-Watan TV’ Scores

  1. اعتقد انني اخالفك الرأي
    انتظرنا الوطن على اساس ان من جاء قبلها (تلفزيون الراي) قد وضع لنفسه مركزا عربيا ليقترب من مكانة الام بي سي
    لكنه للأسف لم يرتقي للمنافسة او حتى الاقتراب من الراي
    الوطن بدأ ببرامج ومسلسلات لا تتعدى اصابع اليدين واغلبها ان لم يكن كلها قد اثيرت حولها الكثير من الالغط والاستهجان سواء لوقاحتها او تدني اسلوب العرض.
    اما مسلسل بو نبيل وبوقتادة، بالنسبة لي الفكرة جميلة جدا و واسعة كفاية لتغطي مساحة اكبر من 50 حلقة، لكن الحوار والمواضيع كأنها موجهه ومليئة بالطنازة والسطحية بمناسبة ومن غير مناسبة.
    وكمهتم في مجال الجرافيكس والتصميم، استطيع ان اقول ان التصميم لم يصل الى 20% مما وصلت اليه التكنولوجيا نفسها، نستطيع مقارنتها بمسلسل الفريج مثلا لنرى الفرق
    هذا ما كان في جعبة تلفزيون الوطن لرمضان، لنرى ما سيكون جدول اعمالها في ما بعد رمضان ومن ثم الحكم سيكون اكثر واقعية
    اعتذر عن الاطالة 🙂
    تقبل تحياتي

  2. Shoosha and Athbi, thanks for your comments.
    Athbi, I realize that Al Watan TV does feature a lot of stereotypical melodramatic junk (“Al Wazeera” etc) but the way the station organizes and transmits its material is professional (the promos, the graphics etc), whereas Al Rai strikes me as a KTV clone (with the exception of some decent programs).
    Nevertheless, I applaud programs such as Bu Qatada because they utilize talented Kuwaitis in trying to create polished original programming.
    You are right, however the test of time for Al-Watan TV’s staying power will revolve around the post-Ramadan period and the quality of programs featured.

  3. Bo qotada and bo nabeel is amazing.. its funny and light.. it gives u a laugh while ur having fitoor.. it points out the problems with our beloved country and it gives them a funny spin.. i think its very successful.. and bo nabeel cracks me up lol..way to go.. i wish to c more or these talented productions

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