Kuwait’s Destitute

There is a misconception in the West that all Kuwaitis have Beverly Hills-style mansions, ride Bentleys and have an oil rig in their back yards.

There is much hidden poverty in Kuwait; many families are struggling, on a day to day basis, trying to to make ends meet, including many Kuwaiti families who are too proud to publicly ask for financial help, especially single parent families. The cradle to grave ‘benefits’ that our government always touts are practically useless, unless you enjoy decrepit school buildings with old desks, ceiling fans and a horrid, xenophobic syllabus; run-down, faltering, ineffective hospitals and clinics (with the occasional faulty medical diagnosis) and a government job that pays you $1,500 a month for life.

Following the Friday Noon Prayers at the mosque today, a man passionately spoke of families in Jleeb Al-Shuyuukh, including orphans, who were in dire financial straits, needing immediate help. “If you could just see them! I urge you to visit them!” he exclaimed, “You would never allow such an injustice to happen here.” The man was literally weeping. It is ‘Ramadan’, everyone is fasting, we were in a mosque, the man was sincere. It wasn’t a charity PR drive.

Our Prophet Mohamed, Peace Be Upon Him, stated “I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,” (putting his index and middle fingers together).

We should always count our blessings and do our best to help others, especially children who should never be neglected.

3 thoughts on “Kuwait’s Destitute

  1. Bro, hows it going? hope you are doing well…
    yup…sad but true story. Last year there was an article about a Kuwaiti Lady who borrowed money from her expat driver to feed her kids!!!

  2. Hello old friend, I hope you are dandy. I check your blog once in a while when you do post (which is infrequent now – you must be busy).
    Hope life’s treating you well.

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