Noob Alert


“KUWAIT: The theft of copper wires and other cables from the Ministry of Electricity and Water during the first six months of 2007 has cost the ministry KD 500,000. Because of this, the MEW held a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Interior to take action and stop this phenomenon. The Interior Ministry in turn, informed the owners of scrap yards to make sure to get a photocopy of anyone who is selling wires or cables to them in order to see if the wires were stolen or not. The Ministry of Interior noted that any scrap yard owner who does not follow these rules will be penalized”.


2 thoughts on “Noob Alert

  1. hahahaha…. hhahahahaha.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…
    I was really laughing are you kidding me! Can’t they just use fiber for everything! What the hell are they thinking!

  2. I heard that the pot holes (is that what they’re called? – the sewage covers?) are also being stolen.
    But thats a good step though – penalizing.

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