Down And Out In ‘Dahyiat Abdulla Al-Salem’

A female representative of a powerful 2nd District candidate showed up at someone’s house in the affluent Dahyiat Abdulla Al-Salem area. A male resident answered the door.

Hello there, I am Mr. ____’s envoy, is there anything I can help you with? Anything we might be of service to you or your family?” enquired the lady.

The astonished gentleman shot back, “Lady, this is Dahyiat Abdulla Al-Salem. Does it look like we need your help?”

2 thoughts on “Down And Out In ‘Dahyiat Abdulla Al-Salem’

  1. Woah, I’m actually suprised that they are knocking on people’s houses asking if they need anything, even if it was Dahyia. Even if you live in affluent areas, you could still be in the need of assistance for things going on in the local community.

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