Al-Watan TV and HADAS


What’s with Al-Watan TV’s continued coverage (interviews, advertisements etc) featuring HADAS (Islamic Constitutional Movement) candidates? Al-Watan TV started off its election coverage on a seemingly impartial note with interviews with Ahmed Diyan and others; however, they seemed to have switched political gears: it seems like almost every night night either Dr. Nasser Al-Sane, Mohammed Al-Busairi or others from their party are on.

Ali Al-Tarrah Interviewing Mohamed Abdulqader Jassim

With the exception of the classy, intellectual Ali Al-Tarrah – whose one-on-one interview technique is charmingly assertive – Al-Watan TV’s election coverage has been the weakest of all the prime time Kuwaiti stations including Scope TV, Flash and Al-Rai, among others.

6 thoughts on “Al-Watan TV and HADAS

  1. its easy to explain
    Alwatan hate someone , lets call him falcon
    Falcon and people with him hate Hadas
    Alwatan to piss Falcon go the distance to get as many Hadas as they can
    Enemy of my Enemy is my friend 🙂

  2. Neither Scope, nor Flash nor Al Rai are prime time Kuwaiti Stations, they’re just Kuwaiti Stations! Only Al Watan have and display their skilled interviewers and commentators. It’s a shame, though, that they’re not neutral, otherwise i’d be proud of them.

  3. another reason is
    al watan do not support any party.. its just about the money
    Al watan are chargin 100,000 to 120,000 K an for a 30 second ad and islamists are booking and paying soo why not. if i had my own tv station, i dont care which party advertises, as long as my station is making mucho mullaaaa (major money)

  4. A friend of mine views kuwait media as follows:
    Kuwait is driven along two lines, AL RAI on one side, and AL WATAN on the other. You go figure who is running those two and what are they aiming for. Its up to your imagination my friends.
    that being said, I think my wise friend has got a point. dont you think so?

  5. Yeah, but Al-Watan’s tends to shift from party to party, position to position very erratically and frequently

  6. محمد الوشيحي from Al-Rai TV is a tough interviewer, sometimes rudely so, but he does his homework and his interviews are dynamic and devoid of b.s. Plus his debates also added to Al-Rai’s lustre and credibility this season.
    Here’ s a taste:

    Al-Watan TV has great graphics, music, intros, and their news program is #1 in Kuwait, yes but *nothing* in Al-Watan (with the exception Ali Al-Tarrah’s distinguished participation) can touch Scope TV or Al-Rai’s election coverage, in my humble opinion.

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