Financial Times: Kuwait Pays Price For Democracy


An interesting Financial Times article by Andrew England entitled ‘Kuwait Pays Price for Democracy’

An excerpt:

“But blame has also been heaped on the state’s leadership, with critics saying the executive lacks direction and strategy. Kuwait’s rulers have been drawn from the al-Sabah family since the middle of the 18th century, and family members fill the key posts of crown prince and prime minister, as well as many cabinet positions.

Some Kuwaitis blame problems on feuds within the ruling family, while one parliamentary candidate proclaimed that “the family has exhausted itself and the whole of society”.

“It’s not the system, it’s the people. How people are abusing the system or hiding behind it to not do anything,” says one analyst. “People are hesitant to step up to their responsibilities, both the government and the assembly.”


One thought on “Financial Times: Kuwait Pays Price For Democracy

  1. England hit it on the head when he considered Kuwait paying a price for democracy! In every example, people ‘grab’ their freedoms from those that thwart any attempt at promoting freedom, for reasons ranging from total control to total corruption, and everything in between.
    God help us…

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