The Election Speech


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Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not ‘social’ individual, not social in the Kuwaiti ‘political animal’ sense of visiting diwaniyas, campaign headquarters, and ‘getting out the vote’

“What’s gotten into you?” relatives and close friends ask.

But the answer is simple really…The country is in a severe state of gridlock, buffered by corruption, waste and inefficiency. Now we have no control over who the government appoints to run the country but we do have the power to make the right choice on May 17.

I have seen first-hand how the xenophobic, backward mentality of some Parliamentarians have personally affected me, notably the preparations for segregation in my kid’s private school. That is just one example.

All around us, we can see that the ‘situation on the ground’ is getting progressively worse every year. We’ve reached a situation where regular citizens are pleading for more hospitals, basic services, basic needs, while the government turns a blind eye – we are one of the richest countries in the world with one of the most dilapidated network of systems and services.

It wasn’t always that way.

Parliament, a democratic institution, is supposed to protect and cultivate more freedoms, not push for less. It is supposed to legislative – and if the government lacks a program – it is supposed to fill that void and push for a better tomorrow. If the State cannot fill a void, if the Parliament cannot fill a void, then a ‘shadow government’ will fill it, and that is exactly what has happened.

Under normal circumstances I would vote for individuals who are closest communally with a comparable background and analogous ideas – but not this time. This time I am voting for individuals of high caliber, who care about this country, who want to develop the country, individuals who recognize that oil will run out in 30-40 years and will help develop Kuwait’s infrastructure, services, human resources…

I will vote for individuals who respect and love Kuwait – not those who love their perception of where they stand in Kuwait.

I will vote for courageous, sincere individuals whether the jaws of victory far elude them or not.

I choose not to negate the value of my vote or opinion.

I choose not to be cynical.

And if I dislike the results on May 17th, I will continue to value our democracy and uphold our constitutional rights.

4 thoughts on “The Election Speech

  1. Well said, but i fear that unless the people who are entrusted to serve the people, put their countries properity over their own, we are just re-arranging the the chairs on the titanic. apparently we will have to hit rock bottom before we can look up again.

  2. “I will vote for individuals who respect and love Kuwait – not those who love their perception of where they stand in Kuwait.”
    That is exactly the problem in Kuwait. Do some people really love it or love it because of their status in it or love because of what they gain from it???

  3. Thx, folks.
    As for the Titanic analogy (“re-arranging the the chairs on the titanic”) I like it and it pretty much fits the mood and tempo of our political times.

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