The Election Agenda


The next couple of days I am going to be highlighting a few candidates that I believe would be an asset to the National Assembly. These opinions are solely my own and do not represent any entity, corporate or otherwise. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “The Election Agenda

  1. Don’t forget the 5th, yeah?..
    With every other constituency i at least know someone who i’d definetly vote for or someone who has the same ideas / ideals.
    Or just dads of friends.. ;p
    How does one ask the candidates of the 5th if they’d vote for the segregation of private schools?
    It seems to me that the conservative in a certain circle would be considered a liberal in mine.
    I feel left out.. like my voice isn’t going to matter either way.. there’s no one i want to vote for.
    Damnit, nabeeha wa7da! Lol

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